Suki Pryce - Hand Reading (Palmistry) & Astrology

Do you wonder where your life is going, or who you really are?

Hand reading can reveal your life’s true direction and potential

I use hand analysis therapy and astrology to give a unique insight into your true nature and potential.

Your hands can reveal a remarkable amount about the ‘real you’ – your body, feelings, mind and spirit. I use this information to help you make the most of your positive attributes, so you can bring about real change in your life and move forward constructively.

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What is Hand Reading?

Your hands are as individual as you are: they  provide a unique insight into your character and the key components that make you the person you are,  revealing both what is inborn and what is acquired – nature and nurture.

Hand reading is evidence-based – a large amount of factual information links particular features of our hand to personal characteristics.

Hand reading can show you

A good interpretation can help you to

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I study the whole of both hands – the overall look, size, shape, texture, firmness and flexibility – as well as the lines on the palm and the fingertip markings. During a reading I explain what the hands seem to show and then seek feedback on my interpretations, exploring unusual or puzzling features. My aim is always to be kind, helpful and encouraging to customers.

I also use astrology which complements hand reading well. It can provide further insight into a client’s nature and life path, for a rounded, holistic consultation.

A hand reading can take place anywhere – I have worked on the beach, in a tent, in pubs and cafés – all I need is good light and my magnifying glass.

How I Work

‘A very enjoyable and amazingly accurate reading. Suki was so spot-on with her special skills and insight to both my character and what is going on in my life at this moment in time. I could listen to her for hours! Thank you Suki.’ WC.

‘It was amazing how accurate the reading of my hands was. So many things were said that have rung true all my life. Mindblowing the level of detail as well.’

‘Dear Suki, thank you so much for the amazing reading you gave me in June.It was fascinating to see how the character traits shown in my palms, and reflected in my astrological chart, influenced the choices I made during my lifetime. Showing me the traits that I had stifled because of gender or societal constraints was a revelation too. It has given me confidence to develop these and maybe pursue a different direction in my life. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.’ PG, Cromer

‘Just a taster, but it was so informative and very much on the button of who I am and hopefully where I’m heading. I would never have believed someone could tell me so much from simply looking at my hands. A wonderful 15 minutes – which I will take away with me for the rest of my life. Thank you.’ W C, Norfolk’

‘Suki has a lovely, gentle yet grounded, light humourous quality which she brings to her readings. Even in just half an hour she got to the root of some quite deep, even karmic, challenges present in my life, and qualities present in my personality. These she communicated in a compassionate way whilst offering helpful suggestions for moving forward. Thank you, I will be back!’ M, Cambridge

‘Certainly read me like a book. Will come back next year to see if health tips have worked. Thank you.’ R

‘It is unnerving how accurate Suki is, she sees deep into the hidden side of me!’ I R, Norwich

‘Really very interesting! It was amazing how accurate the reading was and triggered some very strong emotions. Also the advice I received has really hit home the stuff that’s happened in my life and how that affected me. Thank you.’ G

‘I had a reading with Suki in January and she pointed out many things that would change to move me forward. It was so accurate. Now in April, I’ve seen her again and things are so much more positive. I am so pleased that I saw her again. I know what I should do now. Thank you so much.’ H J, Norfolk

‘Suki, thank you for your very informed and perceptive reading today. My life is in a very transitional period at the moment and your practical advice was very reassuring. In particular it was pleasing to learn that I am safe in the close presence of my guides to follow the spiritual path I have embarked upon. With kind regards.’ P, Norwich

‘Really very interesting! It was amazing how accurate the reading was and triggered some very strong emotions. Also the advice I received has really hit home the stuff that’s happened in my life and how that affected me. Thank you.’ G

'Dear Suki, thank you so much for your wonderful reading on Saturday.  You have helped give me the courage to make the most of my life. Many thanks.'


I have the Foundation Diploma in Chirology and full professional and public liability insurance. I studied with Richard Symon, an acclaimed handreader, healer and clairvoyant in Norwich; and with Johnny Fincham, a famed UK hand reader, teacher and author.

My Qualifications

You can make an appointment to see me at my home in Cromer, or at any suitable venue, including your home. Do ring for a chat if you wish. I also work at various complementary health and beauty centres around  Norfolk. Group bookings welcome.

Consulting Me

Get together with some friends for a fun and insightful event!

Short reading (about 40 minutes): £30

Full reading (about 1.5 hours. Includes a look at your horoscope if you wish): £60

Reading recorded onto tape: £4

Home Visits: my travel costs by arrangement

How much does it cost?






Contact Me

To make a booking or to have a chat:

Telephone: 01263 510292

Mobile: 07768 634668

Email me here



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‘I came to you for a palm reading on Saturday.... I just wanted to say a big thank you... I loved my sitting with you... You were totally amazing... I just couldn't believe you could find out so much about me from my hands... you almost seemed to know me better than I 'admit' to knowing myself.... And you are such a delightful, gentle are a real treasure... My reading will be a golden memory...very special. Thank you again...and blessings to you in all that you do... Love’ C

Suki hand reading at Clare College, Cambridge, May Ball 2015

Organiser Ben said "Thank you so much for coming to the 2015 Clare May Ball. The night was a super success, many people saying it was the best that Clare has seen in years. That wouldn't have happened without you. Everyone loved you! . . .  Some people mentioned how scarily accurate your readings were.”

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